Meet Julia

Julia contributes her time and talents to innovative projects. As a professional writer, editor, and marketer with experience in a variety of industries, in coordination with her dedication to efficiency and quality, Julia succeeds at whatever she sets her mind to. She embraces new challenges with optimism and confidence. Julia is adaptable. She embraces change, seeing the potential and possibilities in all life experiences.

Julia is a life-long learner. She values every experience as an opportunity for personal and professional growth and development.

After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point after just three years, she relocated to the East Coast and lived outside of Manhattan, New York, where she pursued her goals in editorial, beauty, marketing, and fashion.

After finding success in different businesses, Julia relocated back to the Midwest to rediscover work-to-life balance. Now, she works as a Marketing Coordinator for a business and technology firm where she focuses on a wide array of marketing initiatives. She also leads health and wellness initiatives to motivate company-wide wellbeing.

Julia is a hardworking and driven team-player, eager to affect positive change through a meaningful career.

She contributes her free time to volunteer activities, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Julia aspires to see the world. Travel and culture are important to her. Julia is committed to ethical and philanthropic leadership. 

Writing, health advocacy, helping others, and creating are what drive Julia. She is a key player in editorial, social media marketing, brand strategy, team development, project management, design, and health and wellness initiatives. As a person with type 1 diabetes, Julia plays an integral role in the global online health community, advocating for a cure since she was diagnosed at 10-years-old. Julia also helps to advocate for lower insulin costs. #insulin4all

Throughout her life, Julia’s ambitions are to help people, experience different cultures through travel, and make a difference by using her skills, passion, and leadership training to help empower herself and others, and to help the world become more unified and connected.